Our Team



Mr. Andy Yoshida studied Architecture Engineering at Tokyo Tech of Science and Technology affiliated with Tokyo Institute of Technology.
In his long experienced rich career, he worked as the key person for some major printing companies and developed store design, CI design for City Bank and commercial facility planning, and many more.

Then he worked as a top official at an International Law firm in Thailand and later, established a Tropical Fruit export company.
He also had working experience with Angel Estate Consultancy Ltd., Osaka Foundation International Exchange, and Keihan Kind Co., Ltd. a very famous real estate management company of Keihan Real estate.

Mr. Yoshida’s main line of work is related to real estate, business, and investment consultancy with w/necessary legal support. He is an expert in this field.

In addition, Mr. Yoshida has been involved with some non-profit social welfare activities in other countries like Bangladesh.
At present, he sailed his new journey by Establishing Asian Apex Asset Plus Co., Ltd. by utilizing his wide business experience at the international level.


Tel: +66 (0)  81 551 1925 

Mr. Sakol graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Services Industries), majoring in Hotel. He also got a Master’s Degree in Social Development at Kasetsart University, Bangkok.

As for his work experience, he has been teaching Japanese at Beginner-Intermediate Level since 1997. He also played a role as a Thai representative coordinator for Japan Hippo Family Club from 2000 to the present. 

Patchara Kaewnukul

Tel: +66 (0) 632 11140

Mr. Patchara has been working with many famous companies such as Caltex Oil (Thailand) Co., Ltd, Thai Mitsuwa Public Co., Ltd., Double A Alliance group, Bangmod Hospital co., Ltd., and much more.

Currently, he started his own company; Travel Bud. His main role is to pitch Deck and pitch to Investors and etc. Formulate company business model, Coordinate and manage Developer and Operation manager. He is also a part-time Tourist Guide in New Toyo, an Executive Vice President at the Renaissance Fund Associated Co., Ltd., and an Academic Committee and lecturer at 360 Academy.



Natthida has been working as a graphic designer for 8 years. Her work area covers both online and offline materials, from designing, printing, taking photographs, video recording, a little bit of 3D Designing to flying drones. She is familiar with name cards, leaflets, brochures, booth Set up Materials, restaurant menus, billboard signage, etc.

Saranyoo Lhaopakdi



Eakarat Wongwaen 

Tel: +66 (0) 96 513 2519 

Mr. Eakarat was born in Surin province in the northeastern of Thailand. After he graduated from a university, he got the scholarship of Yomiuri Shimbun then went to study Japanese language in Japan for 2 years. 

He came back to Thailand in January 2000 and had worked in many Japanese joint venture companies; Takahashi Plastic, Tenking Company, Thai Yanagawa Co.,ltd., Bangkok Eagle Wings, and Y.S. Pund Co., Ltd.

After COVID-19 has begun, he has been working as a freelancer for Sri Siam Holidays, New Toyo Company, H.I.S. Travel Co., Ltd. and Apex Travel Co., Ltd.

S.Q. Mahmood
Un Nabi

Tel: +88 (0) 177 627 7505

S.Q . Mahmood un Nabi is a Bangladeshi citizen, graduated in 1985 from International Christian University (ICU), a very famous international school in Tokyo, under a Japanese scholarship.

He started his career as a College Teacher in Tokyo and later, started to work as a business/legal consultant for a few Japanese firms in Japan, Thailand and Bangladesh.

His main line of work was negotiation, establishing Japanese investment companies with legal service(s) in Real Estate, JV Industries, Trading, Export-Import business and Social Welfare /development projects.

Nabi started a Japan-China-Bangladesh JV company in 1999 named Hiro Corporation but quit the company and served as the Secretary-General in a National NGO in Bangladesh.

In 2012, he joined as a Consultant in JICA and worked in several BOP projects with Japanese giants like Mitsubishi Chemicals, Nissan Noodles along with some smaller companies like E-Trust in partnership with Bangladesh Govt. and with some top NGOs like BRAC, TMSS etc.

He also worked for another JICA project with another Japanese giant Mitsui Bussan for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) project in association with the Bangladesh Govt. 

However, very unfortunately, all those projects were closed by the Japanese Govt. due the terrorist activities in Bangladesh during 2015-2017, followed by Covid-19.

Since after till now, Nabi is working as a Freelancer.

Masahiro Makino

Tel: +81 (0) 803 775 8732

Masahiro Makino joined Mitsui Fudosan Realty, a major Japanese real estate agency, after his graduation from Ryukoku University.

While working for five years in the company, his work was focused on single-unit family apartments, tower, and studio condominiums, mainly for personal real estate brokerage.

In addition, Mr.Makino handled a wide range of properties such as Kyomachiya, a traditional type of Japanese house along with private lodging properties in tourist areas and in the shopping districts.

After that, he worked mainly for business and investment real estate brokerage and real estate consulting for corporations, asset owners and investors, from single-unit condominiums to office buildings, commercial facilities, hotels, resorts and logistics facilities.

With such vast experience and qualification as a residential land and building trader, Mr.Makino is capable to introduce a wide variety of real estate in Japan and support the purchase and sale deals.

Chanin Chanvipas

Tel: +66 (0) 88 893 8892

Chanin Chanvipas has 20 years of real estate experience in Thailand.  His expertise is in identifying investment properties and managing the property brokerage teams.  He is well connected in sourcing properties in both, large project and small investment form.  With many investment opportunities emerging due to the pandemic, it is now the best time to acquire properties.  We are entering into the best buyer’s marketing phase ever.  

Able to speak multiple languages.  Chanin is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), English and Thai.  He has helped investors from all over the world invest in Thailand.  Now joining an already strong team in Asian Apex Asset Plus Co., Ltd. our team will surely bring out the best investment opportunities to our clients.