Our Services

One-Stop Legal Services

・Real Estate Law
・Corporate & License
・Visa & Work Permit

・Translation & Notary Service
・Legal Solution for Business
・Investment Solutions
・Freehold / Leasehold Service
・File a Criminal Proceeding /
Bail Application

We qualified lawyers that strive to provide professional, efficient and affordable services.

Our team companies of Thai license aiming to solve your problems, manage risk and continue to seize new opportunities in order to offer you a range of innovative legal and business services.

We believe in empowering business with the right towards customizing solutions for your business needs.

We provide diverse financial, legal, and marketing solutions that help you moving forward and grow.
We process various kinds of visas (long stay visas, retirement visas, family visas, marriage visas, etc.)  required for Japanese people to stay in Thailand.

We can also help / arrange the money needs to be deposited in applicant’s bank account, officially required for the visas.

Other services include company establishment, tax registration, work permit, monthly accounting, taxling, and social insurance application.  

We also offer one-stop services such as massage shops, restaurants, import / export businesses, and sales licenses for alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

Our aim is to provide kindness, politeness, certainty, security, low cost, and confidentiality to our clients.

Please feel free to contact us.

Property Consultant

  • Introduction of profitable properties
  • (In Japan & In Thailand)
  • Furniture Packages
  • Decoration
  • Renovation
  • Rental Guarantee
  • Property Management

We are professional property consultant in Thailand and in Japan. Providing one stop service from recommending projects to completing ownership transfer.

Our focus are foreign clients from all around the world, especially Chinese, Hong Kong and Japanese buyers. We help foreign investors / buyers to buy / rent properties in Thailand and in Japan under the best conditions. In addition, we also provide interior decoration services, furniture packages, rental management and property
management. Our team companies of expert property consultants with over 10 years experience aiming to provide the best solution to our clients.

弊社のご紹介物件以外にお客様がご自身でwebsite などで探された物件情報につきましても専門家の立場で物件を確認して、ご依頼があればエージェントとの値引き交渉も行います。
タイへ来れないお客様のために、現地に行き物件のLIVE ビデオ撮影(有料)も可能です。

Binary Options Purchase Advice

We have an information acquisition contract with a group of Binary Options professionals based in Japan.

As Binary Options study fee, we will recruit people who want information / idea from them and in exchange for that, we will have the study fee for that month remitted to the designated account at the end of the month.

Trading Business

We export Thai fresh and freeze-dried fruits to japan.
We provide a purchasing agency service in Thailand at the request of Japanese customers.