2022 Thai Real Estate Outlook

Thailand is a country where 40 million foreign tourists visited in 2019 and had a tourism income of 6.5 trillion yen. It is a tourist country that is unique in Asia as a whole.

With the Thai government’s deregulation of foreign tourists, many investors should return to the Thai market. Looking at the acquisition of hotels alone, the number of hotels in Thailand acquired in 2021 is 23, which is 47 billion yen. (JLL Report)

The prices of properties in Bangkok and Pattaya, which are relatively cheaper, are expected to rise. Currently, construction materials in Thailand are rising by several tens of percent, so it is recommended to purchase resale properties. If we consider that the market will rise moderately, we find that a newly built development property (pre-build) that will be completed several years ahead is also good.

In addition, the Thai government has decided to issue a 10-year visa to pensioners who have purchased real estate of $ 250,000 or more. This will also be a big boost for retired people and investors.

In any case, I think Thailand’s real estate investment is a great opportunity now.